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Open letter

Many time we ask ourselves: What is happening with the world economy? why everything has changed and why so much worse? According to my point of view, the growth of consumption worldwide, in developed countries has led, in a decade, to the sudden (unexpected and sudden) death of small businesses and the birth of the figure of the national and multinational mega company that manages everything from the producer to the final customer controlling all processes and expenses in a "dictatorial and egoistic" way.

These big companies compete with each other to maintain an oligopoly (from the Greek oligo, 'few', and polio, 'seller') national and global and their managers are obsessed with the concept of continuous improvement. However, the instruments used to achieve it are neither original nor innovative, and have impelled companies towards imitation and homogeneity.

In addition, business operational efficiency has been allowed to supplant the strategy. The results of this new formula have been: competitive advantages equivalent to zero, static or declining prices and a continuous pressure on production costs that compromise the capacity of companies in the medium and long term investment.

The business competitiveness is the result of building, in any part of the world, the economic conditions to be able to acquire new markets or important niches thereof.

The international presence as a Country and as Companies, in world markets, creates economic and social stability for citizens and contributes to universal development.

Entrepreneurs must understand that the world is moving at a different pace, and therefore, the demands of the markets have obviously changed.

Information technology has broken any geographical barrier and the interest in a globalized world moves nations and their companies towards the search, first, for survival and after presence and leadership in an economic scenario that nobody would have ever imagined .

We live in the era of digital transformation that affects not only business but the day to day of our present and future life.

My personal definition is: Digital transformation is the "mandatory and not more optional" reinvention of an organization through the use of digital technology (Internet) to improve the way it performs and presents itself to its clients.

With the concept "Digital" we refer to the use of technology to generate, store and process data.

An example of companies that have successfully crossed the digital transformation are: El Corte Inglés, Norauto, Media Markt and we can not forget Nespresso, which offers its customers multi-channel access to purchasing options and customer service: they can get to the company using the website or a mobile device or by visiting a physical store. This global presence has allowed Nespresso to enter more niche markets and improve sales.

The Internet is changing the way we connect, communicate and do things. This technological advance is impacting all companies, and we must prepare to "surf" these waves of technology or die slowly without trying.

Digital transformation is a struggle for many organizations and there is no a single model for success. So this transformation has to come with a very personal touch. To become a digital company, the CEO (Company executive director) of a company needs to move beyond its traditional role of administrator and must become a business leader who understands the potential of new technologies and has the ability to create new business models. That is why it is very important to have the support of an expert consultant in new technologies to avoid making mistakes during this transition period.

I hope that my open letter will be of help and I remain at your disposal as a business consultant, an expert in digital era, to be able to provide you with my wisdom and my valuable advice.

Marco Musumeci

Business Consultant in Management & Marketing Strategy.



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