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A professional is the one who decides to write an electoral program ( and while doing so, contacts other professionals, studies numbers, costs, completion time and profit and loss accounts for the last 10 years of the City Council. It sees all the useless expenses that add up to millions and directs them to projects that will benefit its citizens, such as the source of osmotized water so that its neighbors stop buying bottles of industrial water in supermarkets, reduce plastic pollution and consume free pure water (it is a universal right that has been denied to the citizen in the last 15 years).

This same professional not only uses the money poorly spent by others and uses it well, but also generates more wealth through a system of transmission of media information (through the blockchain directed to the real world) that will mean an economic return of millions euros of profits for the Mijas Town Hall.

In the same way, a professional returns the IBI of the first home to its citizens to make another 40,000 or 50,000 who are not registered and if they live in our municipality suddenly appear to benefit from the maneuver and take our population from 86,000 to more than 100,000 inhabitants and therefore, by exceeding this number of registered residents, the desired Hospital would finally arrive, more police, more health workers and much more money from the Spanish State.

In all that time, the professional has also ensured that your children study and have a future and that it be free for your pocket without you paying a dime.

Nor will the professional ask the taxpayer for a penny because the professional creates a higher education study center related to all the latest work trends and technologies and creates a point of attraction where thousands of students come from all over the world (these do that pay not your children from Mijas). Large companies also arrive attracted by the wealth of human capital that we offer, and in this way even more wealth is created.

Why is the Mijas Town Hall going badly? And why is our country doing badly? Because there are some useless who believe that everything is paid and is done by bleeding citizens to taxes.

I hope that this writing opens the eyes of some pseudo-politicians or lame asses of the latter, who come to this page to criticize without having any knowledge or enough intelligence to understand that #SoydeMijas is run by people with an intellectual level capable of being able to do anything but using the means at your disposal and your business creativity.

Our mission is based on making the citizens of Mijas live well today and better tomorrow.

What the useless do is read without understanding, but they don't know how to knock and ask either... The useless only know how to ask with one hand forward and the other behind... Well, Mijas is tired of useless people... Let's move on to the generation of the professionals it's time to change everything ❤️💋



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