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Updated: May 4, 2021

When we talk about design, #SoydeMijas gives you everything you need to highlight your voice online to grab the attention of your readers. Discover our main functions.

Choose one of our eight amazing styles

Your #SoydeMijas Blog includes a choice of 8 incredible designs. From the configuration of your blog, you can choose the style that best suits your needs. A grid layout is recommended to highlight more options of interest to readers. The classic columnar style allows readers to scroll down and view topics of interest one by one. Each style includes the latest social features. Readers can easily share their posts from Facebook and Twitter; and find out how many views, likes and comments there are.

Add multimedia to your posts

  • When you create your posts, you can: Upload images or GIFs

  • Create galleries to highlight your multimedia collection

  • Embed videos or music

Customize the style of your media by adapting it to the screen of your device and aligning the content of your post.

Use hashtags to describe the topic of your post. Do you like #hashtags? Cool! You can add tags (#vacations #dream #summer #SoydeMijas) in your posts to reach more people. Why use a hashtag? Hashtags are like tags for content that help people interested in them to easily locate them. Using hashtags multiplies the reach of your blog post and helps people find the content that interests them. So now you know, add a #hashtag to your posts!

Create your own blog for free and express your thoughts

To enable your account write to us at

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