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How to be part of a crypto project without investing a penny

Today we invite you to be part of an innovative project without investing a penny.

And you will ask yourself: How is that possible?

Yes, it is possible in the world of decentralized finance because to launch a financial asset you must first create a community of users, the community is the first step.

To create a community of users, a limited number of people are offered the possibility of receiving a certain number of tokens for free in their electronic wallet.

When a cryptographic project starts, at first it is worth practically nothing but then its price can skyrocket by 1000 and even 10,000 times its initial value.

Look at Bitcoin, which went from being worth 1 euro to the current 26,000 euros, that is, its value increased 26,000 times.

We are a group of people who believe in the power of decentralized finance and what the present and future of our economy are, that is why we founded an NGO (non-profit) to make it known to more people the benefits of decentralized finance. That is why we have launched a Spanish cryptocurrency franchise called SPANISH DOLLARS.

To begin with, we programmed 4 tokens within the Binance decentralized system called BINANCE SMART CHAIN.

These tokens have a unique peculiarity and that is that their value is backed by the 4 most famous and powerful stablecoins (with a fixed value of 1 dollar) in the world: USDT, TUSD, USDC AND DAI.

The following is the list of the 4 Spanish Dollars cryptocurrencies that we have launched and I will also tell you which of them allows you to participate for free without investing money (the rest give the possibility of participating from 100 euros, a very popular price to be an investment):





These are the first 4 crypto projects of the Spanish Cryptocurrency Spanish Dollars franchise.

You can get your free participation in the $Marbella crypto project through the Free Airdrop (this is the name of the cryptocurrency gift process).

On the web In the menu, click on Airdrop and the web explains the steps to follow to obtain your free coins, how to follow our Twitter and Facebook profile and be part of from our Telegram channel. For non-experts or people who have never operated on the blockchain: at the bottom of the web page there are 4 videos of a few minutes that explain how to install a Trust Wallet electronic wallet and how to add a token to a wallet.

In the other websites of the Cryptocurrencies $IBIZA, $Marbella $Madrid and $Barcelona in the menu section called Liquidity Pool it explains how You can participate in the project from only 100 euros to a maximum of 900 euros. This money is used to create liquidity banks for each cryptocurrency to launch in the world exchange markets.

Participating in a liquidity bank early in the launch of a Cryptocurrency is like being a partner in a start-up company.

The difference is that in centralized systems you can withdraw your investment whenever you want simply by exchanging your tokens for money in the liquidity pools. So you yourself decide how long to stay and when to leave with the profits or losses that you have at the moment because they are financial assets and there can be both situations.

This article proposes to introduce the citizen for free and without risk into the world of cryptocurrencies by giving away 1000 cryptocurrencies from the $Marbella project and at the same time also invites the reader to visit the websites of the first 4 crypto projects of the franchise Spanish Dollars so that the user can consider the opportunity to invest a minimum of 100 euros to participate as a capitalist partner.

The user is free to receive his cryptocurrencies for free or to participate in one of the 4 projects or in all of them. The organization that presents the Spanish Dollars social project is a non-profit NGO and its tax information and registration number appear in the footer of each of the Cryptocurrency websites: $IBIZA, $Marbella, $Madrid and $ Barcelona

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