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Ignorance in Mijas will be curable from 2023

A Mijas Citizens NGO proposes that you can apply for the position of councilor only if you have a history of working life of 15 to 20 years (contributed) and proven experience (preferably professionals from all economic and social sectors).

For this reason, the Citizen NGO #SoydeMijas, in its eagerness to promote its new political project (see the 10 points of the program here), is focusing part of its work on the search for true professionals from Mijas in all areas of the City Council so that they can be the 25 perfect candidates for the next Mijas municipal elections in 2023.

This press article is addressed to all voting and non-voting citizens of Mijas so that they finally open their eyes and people without any experience do not vote just because they belong to one political party or another.

Access to politics, since ancient times, was an honor reserved only for the most educated and such experience was demonstrated after a lifetime of work.

Nowadays, a good part of the politicians of our country have not worked in their lives, they simply enter politics for having completed a university degree (or not) and having dedicated themselves from a very young age to frequenting the halls of their political party.

Exactly the same thing happens in Mijas. We have a taxi driver mayor, who with all due respect for this profession we do not think has the minimum preparation to manage a city council.

A city council is like a multinational company. Business and academic training and many years of experience are required.

What is the use of studying Medicine if in Mijas the Department of Health is led by a journalist. Or if the only councilor who has a career in Medicine deals with everything except Health.

And we also have another councilman who has never worked in his life (except 3 months making ice cream cones).

It seems like a joke. TRUE? But that's what there is. Luckily we have experienced career civil servants in our Mijas Town Hall, otherwise we would be lost.

If you are a citizen of Mijas and you vote in the next elections (or you are one of the 22,000 who did not vote in 2019) we invite you to read our electoral program and if you like it, support us simply by joining our Telegram Channel where we can communicate with you direct way to inform you about our journey to the Mayor's Office of Mijas.



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