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MIJAS the undisputed Queen of URBAN WASTE.

Welcome to Mijas, a Town Hall on the Costa del Sol where rubbish and dirt are directly proportional to your wealth.

More money is collected dirtier is the Municipality of Mijas. It is so dirty that the containers explode with all kinds of garbage from organic to cardboard and even rubble.

The main problem is that there is no business mentality in the Mijas mayor's office. Its Mayor believes that managing a City Council is like driving a Taxi. We are in the hands of a culturally limited person not because of his previous profession (being a taxi driver nowadays is a job with a lot of sacrifice and whole days inside a car) but because professionally he does not have the necessary studies or experience to manage problems that any skillful businessman or economist would solve in a simple way.


Our City Council has enough money to be able to negotiate and organize an excellent garbage collection service. You can increase the collection points for organic debris and create new ones for rubble.

Nowadays, debris is found in most garbage containers and it is a clear warning that there are no collection points for this waste. Even more so in a tourist Town Hall where removals and reforms are daily occurrences.

It is clear that the current negotiations with third-party maintenance and cleaning companies are not bearing fruit. Because who negotiates is not able to understand their accounting and operational data and therefore is not able to negotiate a fair and correct deal.

It should also not be forgotten that:

"Mijas continues with streets full of holes and third-world landscaping."

We must shortly consider an in-depth analysis of the profitability of subcontracting to third parties or finally opt for the creation of efficient and modern municipal companies to develop and optimize our municipality and so that we no longer live with these deficiencies.

From #SoydeMijas we ask for the vote of all "Mijeños Citizens" to change everything. We will present ourselves as an Electors Group (not a political party), electing people prepared and with the necessary skills to solve all the current problems of our society.

You can read our electoral program for Mijas 2023 on the web



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