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Neither from the Right nor from the Left nor from the Center. We are free people

Enough of dividing people, enough of cheap thoughts, enough of labelling people.

Free thinking people are un-classifiable.

Human rights are not for sale, they have not been distributed among political parties.

Essentially, political parties go beyond doing what is fair for everyone, otherwise they would not exist, period.

It is much better to maintain a class struggle so that people insult each other, so that one says... This one is from the right or the other is a red or look... that one is from the center or apolitical or....

Enough of so much hypocrisy... All that lie has to end.

Thoughts are free because we are free.

In #SoydeMijas we are free citizens, we do not need colours or flags but we need more prepared people to join the cause and help bring to the Mijas City Council a fair electoral program based on helping and improving the life of the Mijas citizen who he is the real hero.

Enough of "useless plays, stories and performances" that waste taxpayer money.

We want the Mijas Town Hall to deal quickly and efficiently with resolving all the problems that affect our citizens.

Learn about the electoral program of #SoydeMijas at


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