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Like everything in life, also in the politics of our country we have reached excess and implausibility. It's like eating ice cream without stopping until you throw it up completely.

Political parties began their journey during liberalism, the first of which was established in Great Britain in the 19th century.

It was the beginning of democracies where the people decided their future by voting.

Today in Spain, the majority parties have become castes or rather fiefdoms where their bureaucracy and hierarchy are already a symbol of a "hidden monarchy" in a doubtfully liberal system.

Today it doesn't matter what the Spanish People vote because once the political parties come to govern they simply divide the cake and organize it as they please.

Many electoral promises remain buried forever, some come to life but very few are actually fully realised.

Once the elections are over, the power game begins, the assignment of jobs, positions of trust and an endless number of positions established by the winners.

All this within a false transparency. For example, in many municipalities in Spain, the profit and loss accounts are offered simplified, that is, you can read the generic expense items but not the detailed expenses.

Public tenders are carried out with internal rules where sometimes who wins, even though it is the most economical, in the end it is not.

I still remember how an urban planning company explained to me the ways of winning competitions and then the adjustment clauses or the supplements that were charged separately.

It is true that money moves everything, without a doubt, how many of us dream of buying and owning? Many of us spend our lives wanting to have and spend... At least until a serious illness reaches us... There we rethink our lives and money or power immediately disappear from our priorities.

For years in Spain there has already been a group of the population completely disconnected from political life.

Essentially, it's all the same to them. They live their lives in a personal or family micro-world where they continually adapt "their conditions" to balance taxes, new rules, or whatever may "attack" their way of life.

In the end, we can say very clearly and concisely that when a government loses the direct line with its people it is the beginning of the end.

This is how we live in Spain, a country divided, burned and tired. We don't care about everything or almost everything.

Emotions and illusions have been lost in a society where equality of opportunity is already a children's story and where the word meritocracy remains buried under meters of earth.

Here in Mijas, province of Malaga, a most beautiful flower has been born and it is called #SoydeMijas, it is a political NGO (non-governmental but political and social) made up of professionals and people from the world of work, prepared and experienced. A place where all social class and all political thought come together in a single concept: Freedom and Mutual Respect.

Among the most important human values ​​we find ethics, respect for others, tolerance, kindness, peace, solidarity, love, justice, responsibility, equity, friendship, freedom or honesty, among others. .

If you live in Mijas, find out about the electoral social program for 2023 (READ HERE) and join the Telegram channel today (#SoydeMijas) so that we can inform you directly and immediately of each step we will take until we present the group of voters #SoydeMijas for the municipal political elections of Mijas in 2023.



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