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Why Invest 100 euros in innovative projects

Nowadays business ideas are scarce and when something works it is always too late to invest.

My name is Marco Musumeci, I am a businessman and economist (know my story) and since 2019 I have been studying decentralized financial systems. Today, dated June 10, 2023, there are many interventions by governments and banks to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and the reason is more than evident: Stable value cryptocurrencies will end the Current Bank Monopoly and Liberate the Financial Markets Of course, centralized exchanges are not entirely safe either, for this reason, over time, decentralized exchanges will increase, since they do not have an owner, they offer absolute financial freedom as well as their anonymity. Today I invite you to learn about the financial projects of my NGO and I hope that after reading this, you consider helping me by actively participating. Of course, if it goes well you will have a high economic return, otherwise why would you be reading me :-) but, personally, now, it is not about money that I want to talk about in this article but about its operation.

The main objective of the NGO that I have created is to teach the citizens of Spain the use, safety and advantages of digital assets. For this reason, after much study and research, I have decided to create some cryptocurrencies with a liquidity protocol in stable cryptoactives and give them the names of some of the cities and places in Spain (so that they have their own identity). I started by creating the Cryptocurrencies of: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Marbella, Ibiza and Mijas (the place where I live). The main feature of my cryptocurrencies is that each one of them bases its liquidity on the 4 most famous cryptocurrencies of stable value (1 dollar) in the world: USDT, TUSD, USDC and DAI. These 4 cryptocurrencies with a stable value of 1 dollar are practically like 4 virtual banks within the Blockchain and support the value of each cryptocurrency that we have created in the Binance Smart Chain network, giving them strong stability and great value as a refuge for capital.

Each created cryptocurrency has an emission of 1000 million units and can be bought, sold or transferred without any fee, that is, it is traded without costs. This makes all your transactions easier, faster and cost-free. Finally, the cryptocurrencies that I have created are stored in anonymous electronic wallets that allow nobody to ever know who owns them giving them unlimited financial freedom. Today, from an anonymous wallet, you can trade on decentralized exchanges to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and then send the US dollar cryptocurrency profits to decentralized companies that offer credit or debit cards, or to centralized exchanges that allow you to sell them for euros and finally transfer the money to your current account or leave them in a centralized exchange and use them by requesting a Visa or MasterCard.

If you want to know more about how you can invest 100 euros up to a maximum of 900 euros in the decentralized project of cryptocurrencies in Spain, I leave you here the 5 web pages of each project, where you can read easily and in detail how they work and where they can also be found. You will find, in the footer of each website, the fiscal data of our NGO and 4 videos that explain very easily how to install an electronic wallet, how to add a token and also how tokens are bought and sold in exchanges. Remember that by participating in the liquidity banks of the cryptocurrency that you choose among the 5 that we propose you do not have any obligation to stay. You can exchange your tokens back for your money quickly and directly, without asking anyone for permission. For this reason, we use a decentralized and free system.

Within each website you will find our contact information and all the ways available to add your money to the liquidity funds of each cryptocurrency. If you have any questions, you can send us an email to or a WhatsApp to the phone number 0034662918154 Do not forget that financial projects take time and it is not something from one day to the next, but we will continue to constantly promote everything to make it a success, so we advise you to invest only and exclusively what you do not need for your day to day.

These are the 5 projects and their websites:





Mijas Coin

If you read just one of the 5 websites, you will fully understand how it works and the benefit that can be obtained once the tokens are officially launched through the CoinMarketCap website, which is the world portal for cryptocurrencies. If you want to go further and have more capital, an innovative idea would be to launch the cryptocurrency of your city, for example $Toledo, $Zaragoza, $Sevilla, etc. I can do it for you at a very special price where my NGO will also be a minority partner in your project and will help you with the marketing plan. In the following link you will find my proposal. Thanks for reading me and share if you want this article if you see fit. Marco Musumeci Expert in decentralized financial systems DEFI

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