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When you contact a business consulting or an external consultant, your biggest concern is not to solve your problem but how much money it will cost, and in that you are absolutely right. I have taken bad surprises simply by going with my car to a workshop without first asking the cost of the repair and trusting the mechanic.

That's why I'll start with the most important thing so that you stay calmer and read this letter very relaxed because my fees as a consultant are very clear and without surprises.

The elaboration of a price (budget) depends mainly on the difficulty of the work and the time and effort devoted to it. Many times a job is often difficult for many and very easy for me simply because of knowledge and experience. Other times even having these virtues it is quite elaborate to find a solution or plan the best way.

There are other orders such as negotiating, or traveling to a place or studying a company or its market and basically the price of my services depends on the time, the displacement and the information that you want to obtain.

Also the prices tend to vary a lot in the case of an individual or a company, if it is a tax or succession planning, if it is a question of starting a new business or transforming a business into the digital era. Or if it is a simple economic advice.

So as a good business consultant before giving a price, so as not to make mistakes, it is fundamental, always, to first look at the work to be done in order to give a correct budget, fair and without surprises.

For this reason, if you need my services, will be better to write me an email explaining your needs with details and so I can answer you with a custom budget or ask for more information.

For payments I mainly use 2 ways, depending on the amounts to be paid, for example for payments from 50 euro to 500 euro can be paid by credit or debit card or paypal account and for larger amounts through a bank money transfer to my company account in the BBVA bank in Spain.

I also accept payments cash up to 900 euro which is the legal limit imposed by the Spanish state for these types of transactions.

Once the payment has been received, I issue a corresponding invoice with the company or personal data of the client according to their needs.

About telephone calls prior to the hiring and payment, I attend them only and exclusively to hear the case and evaluate the situation, I do not give telephone advice or solutions by telephone if the budget has not been accepted first and the service paid.

It is very important to use time with knowledge and with precision.

Once I accept a job, the mutual collaboration between me and the client is the fundamental basis for the success of the mission and the client will learn a lot so that not only will he/she has achieved his/her goal, but during this journey he/she will also has enriched his wisdom in the matter.



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